CCHF Leadership

Myron Glick, MD

 Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Jericho Road Community Health Center

Tell us about God's specific call on your life for the gospel and care for the poor. 

 Growing up as a missionary kid in Belize I felt a call to become a physician. During medical school in Buffalo NY I was shocked at how the poor were treated by our health care system. I have no doubt that God's heart is especially towards the poor and most vulnerable in our society and so it followed that if I was to take seriously the call to follow Jesus as a physician that I also would need to dedicate my life to serving the most vulnerable. And that is what I have tried to do.


How has being involved in CCHF impacted your life? 

I first learned about CCHF during medical school when someone gave me a copy of H&D. I immediately felt drawn to the stories of people serving God through health care across this country. I attended my first CCHF conference during residency and subsequently have attended many more. It is always encouraging to know that there are others committed to following Jesus in sacrificial ways. CCHF has also provided me with lifelong friends who I can call or email anytime when a difficult question comes up at Jericho Road. I have been mentored by the people of CCHF for more than 25 years. Now I point others towards CCHF when they ask me what it means to follow Jesus in medicine.


What is your life verse? 

Three chapters in the Bible have most influenced my life to this point:  Matthew 25, Isaiah 58 and Psalms 51


Tell us about your family. 

Joyce and I have been married for 26 years. We founded Jericho Road together almost 18 years ago. We have experienced Gods faithfulness and mercy and are amazed at all that God has accomplished through us. We have 4 children who we love dearly and who all grew up with us here in Buffalo. Michel just graduated from University of Chicago and is a documentary film maker, Stephanie is a junior at Houghton College and wants to become a doctor. Peter is a senior in high school and Tommy is in 7th grade.

Name three interesting facts about yourself.

 I enjoy playing soccer, reading the New York Times and hiking mountains.