CCHF Leadership

Paul Lorentsen, MD


Medical Director, The Neighborhood Christian Clinic Phoenix, AZ

What part of CCHF's mission and vision excited you the most?

At my core, I am most energized by direct patient care.  At The Neighborhood Christian Clinic, we have attempted to care for the whole person.  My experience is that the unique relationship that develops between providers and patients when all aspects of the person are addressed allows patients to receive our guidance about all issues related to health. 

How did you become involved with CCHF? 

I drove from Chicago to Washingon with a group of med students in approximately 1989 to attend my first CCHF conference, and was drawn to the passion that the CCHF community demonstrated for caring for the poor.  I have continued to follow CCHF over the years , getting to know many of the executive Directors to some extent, remaining connected to key leaders, and reading CCHF newsletters and related writings.  I've had the opportunity to lead a few workshops and CCHF conferences, and find myself reenergized each year at the close of each conference. 

Tell us about yourself...

I have been married to Kelli for 28 years.  We met in medical school, and she is a pediatrician working in the Pediatric ER at Maricopa Medical Center.  We have three children, who are in or soon to enter college.  We attend a small church in Phoenix, Open Door Fellowship, where we have met many people who love to worship and serve the Lord.

Three Interesting things about you are...

I’m Norwegian; we’re not very interesting people, just hard working. 

So…I love to bicycle and hike; and I did a coast to coast ride following college.  I really enjoy music, and still get asked to sing at the occasional wedding and funeral. 

Finally, probably most interesting thing about me is actually my wife, who is much more fun to talk to than myself, being of Irish/Italian descent.