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Category: 2018 Conference

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2018 Conference - Confronting the Opioid Crisis in a Primary Care Setting

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Bryan  Hollinger, Bob Paeglow, Dana Vallangeon, Tara Blair; Physicians are uncomfortable dealing with opioid misuse and addiction. This panel discussion led by Dr. Bryan Hollinger (Esperanza, Philadelphia) will explore how three clinics are addressing the national opioid crisis in their day-to-day interactions with their patients. The panel will cover tools to recognize misuse and addiction and present interventions including pharmacotherapy. The last part of the program will be devoted to learning how to communicate non-judgmentally but without enabling the patient to continue their misuse or addiction, as well as how to share the gospel in a nonsectarian setting in a manner that is acceptable and also sees patients connecting with the gospel and local churches.

2018 Conference - Pragmatism vs. Principle: Uncovering What Really Matters in Life and Pursuing That

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Scott Stringfield; Medicine often shifts students away from their first calling to serve. Faith can guide us through the turbulent waters of medical training. Direction in life, direction in faith expression, values that guide us all through our faith, and being able to correctly and spiritually be a man or woman of principle and not people who are pragmatic like so many in society, medicine and life. Realign your thinking to the service aligned with the Scriptures.

2018 Conference - Suffering, Sacrifice, and Social Contract: Re-Contextualizing One's View of the Practice of Medicine as an Antidote to Burn Out

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Ken Buczynski; Barriers to providing care, the brokenness of our healthcare system, the difficulty of our daily work, non-compliant patients, EMR – the list goes on.  These are the things that challenge our love for our patients and our work, and test our resilience. Re-contextualizing our work as worship, and offering it as a sacrifice of suffering on the altar of pride, can serve as an antidote to the burn out that plagues the modern practice of medicine. When we acknowledge our weakness and suffering, we open the floodgates of heaven to fill us with the strength of God. Ultimately the Lord is glorified, we are strengthened, and our community is blessed by God's power made manifest in our weakness.

2018 Conference - Living An Abundant Life in the Wake of Disappointment

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Bill Morehouse; We all enter our faith with the hope that our lives will get better, and that we'll impart the blessings of life in Christ to those we serve and serve alongside. However, somewhere along the way the dream can become disappointing, frustrating, tedious, discouraging, and even broken. How can we pick back up and continue to grow and enjoy life while resisting and recovering from life's setbacks? Will God fix us and the situations we find ourselves in, or is brokenness our inevitable destination? This session will help you make a biblical/clinical analysis of your condition, and apply lessons from others and our own history to rediscover the enduring Hope that we are meant to enjoy in Christ.

2018 Conference - Am I Qualified? The Joy & Struggle to Follow the Call to Ministry in Healthcare.

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Janet Aguirre, Katie Huff; You don’t have to have an MD or MBA to be used by God. God calls us all to be missional in the way we approach our jobs, and every other area of our lives. Janet Aguirre and Katie Huff, a medical assistant and a registered nurse, will share stories and experiences. They never expected to be thrust into leadership roles at a grassroots homeless clinic, but offered their training and their path to honor Christ, and have learned/are learning what it means to live missionally. Doing work that is often unfamiliar with their training, God is using them and teaching them how to walk out the adventure of serving God’s purpose in one of the most broken communities in America.

2018 Conference - Real Life: Making Disciples from Skeptics to World Changers

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

James Choung; In this session James Choung will share research and insights on how generations view leadership and mission differently, and how they can benefit from on another and build with one another to bring a powerful and multi-faceted demonstration of God's kingdom through missional work.  There will be time for Q & A.

2018 Conference - Transforming care for substance use disorders: Lessons learned with MAT

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Kathryn McLean and panel; In this panel discussion, a multi-disciplinary team from Lawndale Christian Health Center, Chicago, led by clinical psychologist, Kathryn McLean, will focus on the opportunities and challenges encountered in the development of Medically Assisted Treatment services for opioid and substance abuse patients, including 1) fostering a patient-centered approach to engaging patient’s needs and experiences 2) developing processes and capacity for interdisciplinary team members 3) showing and sharing the love of God through relational care.

2018 Conference - Token Diversity or True Diversity: Creating Space for Dignity in Your Organization

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Chauncey Shillow; Why does diversity matter in a Christian organization? Is there a biblical precedent for creating space for diversity at every level of leadership? How do you create space for diversity while acknowledging the dignity of every individual? Explore these questions and more through personal stories and biblical texts from the perspective of an African-American pastor of a multi-ethnic church.

2018 Conference - Remaining Fruitful, Remaining Effective, Maintaining Vision

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Robert Campbell; God desires us to be fruitful, effective, visionary disciples for His glory and our joy. That is our norm.  So when we feel fruitless, ineffective, and blind, we need to know how to rebound.  This session will help instruct those new to this type of ministry, who are excited about entering into the field of missional medicine, and it will encourage those who have been at this a while and who are weary from years of labor. Robert Campbell, co-founder of Christ Community Health Services of Augusta, will share from God’s word and discuss his experiences of over 10 years of healthcare ministry among the poor in Augusta, Georgia.  

2018 Conference - God is Active and Working. How Faithful Servants Are Responding to His Call

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Jeff Zsohar; Baylor Scott and White (BSWH), one of the biggest healthcare systems in Texas, has adopted “To care for all individuals…. as a Christian ministry of healing” as its mission.  This session will look at innovative care programs, community care clinics, and collaborations to address social determinants of health that are happening in Texas’ largest metro center to address the physical, social and spiritual needs of their neighbors.