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Category: Center for Healing and Hope

2018 Conference - Immigrant Support at the Intersection of Health Care and Immigration Uncertainties: One Clinic's Response

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Bryan  Mierau; While we may not be able to "fix" the immigration challenges on a federal level, we all have the opportunity to advocate and act on a local level. Goshen, IN is a small town with a surprisingly large Hispanic community. Center for Healing & Hope, a Christian charitable clinic that serves this marginalized population, engaged in a collaborative process to offer and produce “Goshen Resident Identification Cards” (GRID) in response to the challenges that immigrants currently face. This session will utilize the 6 CCHF Principles of Christian Health Care to share the story of how this project came about, the initial implementation challenges, and current status of this project, in the Christian effort to create “community for all”.