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Category: Opiod Epidemic

2018 Conference - Transforming care for substance use disorders: Lessons learned with MAT

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Kathryn McLean and panel; In this panel discussion, a multi-disciplinary team from Lawndale Christian Health Center, Chicago, led by clinical psychologist, Kathryn McLean, will focus on the opportunities and challenges encountered in the development of Medically Assisted Treatment services for opioid and substance abuse patients, including 1) fostering a patient-centered approach to engaging patient’s needs and experiences 2) developing processes and capacity for interdisciplinary team members 3) showing and sharing the love of God through relational care.

2018 Conference - The Opioid Epidemic, From Hopeless Dope to Dopeless Hope

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Greg  Delaney, Beth Delaney; This is a “How-We-Got-Here” overview of the current opioid epidemic. This workshop looks at the science and history of the epidemic to bring better understanding and to sift through fact and urban legend. It will discuss recovery and treatment approaches, highlight the importance of connection in recovery, and the role that Christian health centers and churches can play in restoring lives wrecked by this pandemic. Led by experts in addiction and recovery who have been active in Ohio’s state-wide efforts to address this crisis, the presenters will discuss strategies of collaborative partnerships, the role of faith in the continuum of care, and ways for local churches to engage the problem siting examples from other communities.