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Category: Work as Worship

2018 Conference - Suffering, Sacrifice, and Social Contract: Re-Contextualizing One's View of the Practice of Medicine as an Antidote to Burn Out

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Ken Buczynski; Barriers to providing care, the brokenness of our healthcare system, the difficulty of our daily work, non-compliant patients, EMR – the list goes on.  These are the things that challenge our love for our patients and our work, and test our resilience. Re-contextualizing our work as worship, and offering it as a sacrifice of suffering on the altar of pride, can serve as an antidote to the burn out that plagues the modern practice of medicine. When we acknowledge our weakness and suffering, we open the floodgates of heaven to fill us with the strength of God. Ultimately the Lord is glorified, we are strengthened, and our community is blessed by God's power made manifest in our weakness.