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Category: Relocation

2018 Conference - John Perkins 3R’s – Application Today

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Bruce  Miller, James Brooks; In 1976 John Perkins began teaching a framework for ministry in low income communities known as the “Three R’s”: Relocation, Reconciliation, and Redistribution. Are they still a valid framework for us to use today, 41 years later? We think so. In this workshop you will learn how we at Lawndale Christian Health Center still utilize the “Three R’s” as core values for guiding our work. Might the “Three R’s help your organization? This workshop will help you ponder creating core values and clear frameworks for creating an effective ministry.

2017 conference - "3 out of 10 ain't bad": advice for the considering, or new to, relocation and missional living

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 18, 2017

Relocation and missional living can be exciting and mundane; fulfilling and disappointing; enlightening and confusing; fruitful and barren. Come learn with several brothers and sisters at various stages in this process, who will share their struggles, victories, and advice as they have joined Jesus in the at-risk areas of our cities.  There are many fears and misconceptions regarding relocation and missional living which might prevent disciples from moving to and remaining in “hard places”. In this session, we will seek to challenge and encourage those considering relocation, as well as empower rookies with pearls from those with more experience. Tyler Whitaker

2015 Conference - Behold, I am doing a new thing: living in the newness of the holy spirit

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at August 05, 2015

Jeremy Crider, MD. When the Holy Spirit fills us with a passion for doing his will, we should respond joyfully and follow wholeheartedly.