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Category: spirituality

2018 Conference - Preparing for Revival

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 22, 2018

Bill Morehouse; The more divided and spiritually confused our nation and world become and the more beyond social and political solutions our problems appear to grow, the more we find ourselves crying out with aching hearts, "How long O Lord will you wait? Rain your Holy Spirit on us and rescue, heal, and restore us! Bring us times of refreshing and revival!" Do we actually know what we're asking for? And are we and our ministries prepared when the Lord answers in the affirmative? How can and should we be preparing now for an outpouring of grace in our communities in the foreseeable future? This session is a call within our community to understand the times and know what we should do.

2016 Conference - Evidence Based Approach to the Impact of Spirituality on Health

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 14, 2016

This workshop takes a hard look at the evidence surrounding spirituality and it's impact on health. We will analyze some ancient spiritual disciplines including lectio divina, solitude, and community. Jonathan Wilson

2015 Conference - Addressing the Spiritual Needs of Patients, Taking a Spiritual History

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at August 05, 2015

Led by Bob Mason, MDiv. Many Christian health professionals want to integrate their faith in every area of life, including their practice. If you are apprehensive, unsure about ethics, need tools for talking to people about spiritual issues, this workshop is for you.