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2019 Conference - Leadership

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 08, 2019

Bruce Miller.Hear from this seasoned leader what it means to lead a faith-based health center, and tips and hopes for emerging leaders in our movement.

2019 Conference - "I Was Stranger and You Welcomed Me." The Biblical Imperative

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 08, 2019

 Dr. Myron Glick and his team will explore this Biblical imperative, and will discuss what it means for followers of Jesus to advocate for the stranger and refugee even when faced with much opposition by others. They will share about their experiences working with refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented neighbors at Jericho Road in Buffalo NY.

2019 Conference - Church Forsaken

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 08, 2019

Johnathan Brooks was raised in the Englewood neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. As soon as he was able, he left the community and moved as far away as he could. But through a remarkable turn of events, he reluctantly returned and found himself not only back in Englewood but also serving as a pastor ("Pastah J") and community leader. In this session, Jonathan will rediscover that loving your neighbors means loving you're neighborhoods. 

2019 Conference - Changing Tires in the Parking Lot

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at May 08, 2019

Grant Scarborough, Joyce Kim & Billy Holbrook.Scripture says that when Christ showed the full extent of His love to His disciples, he washed their feet. Dr. Grant Scarborough and his team will present a collection of stories that demonstrate the importance of embracing a culture of demonstrating the love of Christ in the clinical setting.