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Buffalo's worst winter storm in a generation. An update from Steve Noblett, CEO

Posted by Yesica Baggett at December 27, 2022
Buffalo, NY is a beautiful city with loads of art deco and Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. There are parks everywhere. It is a city of diversity, hospitality, grit and resilience. What makes Buffalo great is its people, and many of those great people are part of the CCHF family.  So this past week, as I watched Buffalo endure the worst winter storm in a generation, my thoughts and prayers for Buffalo were driven by a mind full of images of friends and co-laborers in our cause. I know ... Read More »

Giving and Glory

Posted by Yesica Baggett at December 06, 2022
I am concerned about the psychology and energy that organizations go through to get people to give more. I see it even from organizations I really like, ones that are doing good work and deserve my support. All the fundraising has become so much noise. I got 8 emails on Christmas day from organizations asking for money. On “Giving Tuesday” I got over 90.  You may have had the same experience - and you probably think this blog is another appeal for giving.  It is not.&nbs... Read More »

Giving As Grace

Posted by Yesica Baggett at December 05, 2022
Followers of Christ should think differently about giving and fundraising.  Here is one of the principles that I want to shape how I support others:  Generosity is intended to be a means of grace. A means of grace is something that God uses to bring us into a more intimate relationship with him.  When I give thoughtfully, it should draw me closer to God’s heart. I should ask myself, “How is God using this giving opportunity to share more of Himself with me?”... Read More »

A Cheerful Giver

Posted by Yesica Baggett at December 05, 2022
I am still learning how to “excel in the grace of giving”. I have friends that are much better at it than me. Christ-directed giving should be different than the way the world encourages.  That said, I know that God doesn’t love me more or less because I have given with pure or imperfect motives.  So even in my imperfect and bumbling efforts to share with others, I get to experience God’s generosity!  Here is another principle about giving: In God&rsqu... Read More »