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Giving and Glory

Posted by Yesica Baggett at December 06, 2022
I am concerned about the psychology and energy that organizations go through to get people to give more. I see it even from organizations I really like, ones that are doing good work and deserve my support. All the fundraising has become so much noise. I got 8 emails on Christmas day from organizations asking for money. On “Giving Tuesday” I got over 90.  You may have had the same experience - and you probably think this blog is another appeal for giving.  It is not.&nbs... Read More »

Giving As Grace

Posted by Yesica Baggett at December 05, 2022
Followers of Christ should think differently about giving and fundraising.  Here is one of the principles that I want to shape how I support others:  Generosity is intended to be a means of grace. A means of grace is something that God uses to bring us into a more intimate relationship with him.  When I give thoughtfully, it should draw me closer to God’s heart. I should ask myself, “How is God using this giving opportunity to share more of Himself with me?”... Read More »

A Cheerful Giver

Posted by Yesica Baggett at December 05, 2022
I am still learning how to “excel in the grace of giving”. I have friends that are much better at it than me. Christ-directed giving should be different than the way the world encourages.  That said, I know that God doesn’t love me more or less because I have given with pure or imperfect motives.  So even in my imperfect and bumbling efforts to share with others, I get to experience God’s generosity!  Here is another principle about giving: In God&rsqu... Read More »