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A Diversity of Gifts

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at November 27, 2012
When asked what I do, I begin to explain that I don’t answer that question. After all, how do you summarize keeping provider schedules, producing reports on all aspects of our operations, managing our electronic medical records, analyzing productivity, forecasting demand, and generally seeking to refine the culture of our health clinic? Instead, I answer the question, “Why do you do what you do?” Let me tell you! I believe the world was created by God in heaven. He... Read More »

Thoughts on Matthew 25

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at April 11, 2012
Matthew 25 teaches us that Jesus is revealed to us in those who are deeply in need. In vs 35-36 Jesus uses very clear language: “I was hungry…I was thirsty…I was a stranger…I was naked…I was sick…I was in prison”. He could have said “it was as though I were hungry”, but he didn’t. His language is strong and undeniably clear. “When you helped that hungry person, that was me. When you ignored that hungry person, that was me,... Read More »

Thoughts on Matthew 25

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at April 09, 2012
It is hard to miss the commonality between Jesus’ inaugural sermon (Luke 4) and his last recorded public sermon (Matt 25). Earlier this week I was with a small group of believers as we read and discussed Matthew 25 – the familiar allegory of the sheep and the goats.  I often ask those in our extended CCHF family, “is there a passage of scripture or a Biblical truth that motivated you to choose a career in caring for the underserved?” Not surprisingly, this is one ... Read More »

A Heart for South Los Angeles

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at April 02, 2012
Looking at data from UCLA about health and health access in South Los Angeles, I can’t say that I was shocked. After working for 9 years in community clinics in South LA, I knew that the need for health care was great. We would turn people away every day, and every week I heard a new story of someone with an out of control chronic illness who had received no medical care for more than a year due to not being able to “afford care” or not knowing where to go.  But this da... Read More »