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Giving As Grace

Followers of Christ should think differently about giving and fundraising.  Here is one of the principles that I want to shape how I support others: 

Generosity is intended to be a means of grace.

A means of grace is something that God uses to bring us into a more intimate relationship with him.  When I give thoughtfully, it should draw me closer to God’s heart. I should ask myself, “How is God using this giving opportunity to share more of Himself with me?”   

It could be that the ministry I support resonates with a calling I have from God. Or it could be that giving sacrificially frees me from being enslaved to material things, a bondage that keeps me from being fruitful, or tempts me to depend something other than God.  Or it could be an opportunity to simply share agape love along with God toward someone. 

I know this…God doesn’t need my money. So my giving must be about something else – about knowing Him better and growing in Him.  I hope it will be that for you, too. 

In Christ’s love,

Steve Noblett

Chief Executive Officer