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A Diversity of Gifts

When asked what I do, I begin to explain that I don’t answer that question. After all, how do you summarize keeping provider schedules, producing reports on all aspects of our operations, managing our electronic medical records, analyzing productivity, forecasting demand, and generally seeking to refine the culture of our health clinic?
Instead, I answer the question, “Why do you do what you do?” Let me tell you!
I believe the world was created by God in heaven. He made it all – Sun, stars, Earth, Moon, sea, creatures, and plants. His word is what sustains the universe. The Laws of Nature are really the Laws of the Creator. He put the governing principles into place with great precision and accuracy. He invented physics. He is the King of Mathematics. He is the one who gives minds to understand the universe through weights and measurements. This is one of His many gifts.
Because of this truth, I believe that as stewards we have a responsibility to use the gift of mathematics and analysis, to make good and wise decisions. I really believe that healthcare among the poor is in desperate need of wise and informed decisions, and I want to use my gifts to that end.
That is why I work at Christ Community Health Services to provide analytical insight to our operations. As a good steward. For the Poor. And for His Glory.