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Dr. Bob Really Does Care

We are honored to have Dr. Bob Paeglow and members of his team at Koinonia Health Center in Albany, NY presenting a workshop at the conference this year. 

Two years ago I met a medical student rotating at a Christian clinic in Memphis. Students coming to Memphis often schedule time with me to learn more about CCHF and the community of hair-on-fire-Jesus-loving-servant-radicals that make up the CCHF family. I love telling them about ministries that are extending Christ’s love to vulnerable people through healthcare, and sharing stories of unlikely heroes and pioneers who risk everything to honor Christ by loving and serving people who are invisible to most of their privileged peers. (I have a great job!)

But this student turned the tables on me. I asked her, “What made you decide to go into medicine?” Her face turned on like a light. She started telling me about a doctor in her home town who took care of uninsured patients and poor people, most of them with very complex issues. She had volunteered at his clinic for a few times, and she decided that this was the kind of person and the kind of doctor that she wanted to be. She couldn’t remember his last name. She said everyone in town just knew him as Dr. Bob.

I Googled “dr. bob albany”, and found a website: I learned about Koinonia Health Center, and about Dr. Bob and his family. He is a humble guy following a call of God, doing the kind of work and living the kind of life everyone admires, many fear, but few follow. He is not a master fund raiser or PR guy, and yet he has been featured in People Magazine, and had feature stories done about his work on ABC and CBS. He has been honored for both his charitable work and his excellence as a physician. But you get the impression that he’s a little uncomfortable with public attention, and that he is most alive when he is serving others.   

Bob and his family attended the CCHF conference in 2012. He and his family fit well in our community. Since last year he has connected with people he met at the conference, and with CCHF clinics across New York. He has joined others like Drs. David Kim, Myron Glick and Bill Moorehouse to form a community of encouragement. God is doing great things in New York. Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and NYC all have thriving Christian clinics that are finding favor with God and with the communities they serve.    

Here is a link to an ABC video featuring Bob and his wife, Liliane. It is worth watching.

I am grateful for connections with people like Dr. Bob. It is what makes the CCHF community so wonderful. May his tribe increase.