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The History of Healthcare in America

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at March 12, 2012
Scott Morris, founder of Church Health Center, Memphis, speaks to University of Tennessee Medical School student body on the history of healthcare in America and the obligation Biblically and morally to care for the poor. Click here to view the video. Read More »

A Movement in America

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at March 01, 2012
There is a move of God in America. Christians in healthcare by the thousands are taking steps to follow Christ’s example and teaching by using their skills, gifts and positions of privilege to care for the poor. Students and residents are making hard decisions that will enable them to serve the marginalized.  For most of them, it means personal sacrifice of prestige, position, and personal security. And yet the numbers are growing every year. This is the movement for which members ... Read More »

Your Neighbor as Yourself

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at March 01, 2012
Basil the Great was the church father in the 3rd century often credited with opening the first hospital. He was an amazing man who came from a family of privilege and wealth. After his conversion, he started his own monastic order but left monastic life to become a priest, feeling a sense of responsibility for both Church life and society. A few years into his pastorate, famine struck the area and with it came disease and crippling poverty. In response, he started a community called the New C... Read More »