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Community Health Center of West Palm Beach

Where to find us:

2100 45th Street, Second Floor
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

(561) 840-8681


Clinic Information

Clinic Information


The Community Health Center of West Palm Beach's major areas of service include:

• The Medical Clinic, which provides free, non-emergency healthcare services to those who qualify, including regular checkups, job/school related physicals, acute illness and injury care, rapid HIV screening, prescription services, and imaging/specialist referrals. These services are offered without appointment five days a week, with extended evening hours available for those whose work or school schedules make daytime visits impractical.
• The Chronic Disease Management Clinic, which provides in-depth education and care for individuals coping with hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are the primary cause of seven of every ten deaths in the United States and account for 75% of all healthcare spending. Health disparities in chronic disease incidence and mortality are widespread among the uninsured, underinsured, and minority populations that make up CHC’s clientele.
• The Vision Clinic, which provides a full range of optometry services including routine eye exams, eye disease checks, medication/prescription services, and eyeglass prescriptions. Low income populations are at higher risk for undiagnosed/uncorrected vision problems and eye diseases, which can adversely impact learning ability, job performance, employment opportunities, and personal safety.
• Mental Health Services, offered three days/week with expanded counseling services with a volunteer physician offered on-site one to two days/week (dependent on physician availability).
• Women’s Health Services, available one day/week, includes breast health navigation and education services,pap smears, labs, etc.
• A brand new Pediatric Program, which provides services for approximately 75 pediatric patients who otherwise would have difficulty finding a medical home.

Our services are integrated and self-reinforcing. For example, a diabetic patient entering the CHC system with a checkup in the Medical Clinic would be referred to the disease management resources offered via the Chronic Disease Clinic and to the Vision Clinic to be checked for diabetic eye disease. These patients may also utilize mental health services to cope with anxiety or depression related to their physical health issues. By offering these services in one location, CHC is able to improve follow-through care; better track and manage outcomes; improve efficiency and decrease service duplication; and, most importantly, avert the debilitating or life-threatening consequences and increased costs associated with undiagnosed or untreated health problems.

Mission Statement:

The Community Health Center exists to share the love of God by providing non-emergency medical and eye care to those who do not have access to health care services, and assist them in establishing a continuum of care through conventional health care systems to promote a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Model that best describes this clinic:

Free or Charitable Clinic

Clinic facility type:

One fixed site

Is this clinic a National Health Service Corps site?


Types of services provided:

Traditional Primary Care, Pharmacy/Dispensary, Behavioral Health/Counseling, Pediatrics, and Other specialties

How many hours/week does this clinic see patients?

40 hours/week

Preceptorship Information

Preceptorship Information


(561) 844-0745


ddavis [at] chcwpb [dot] org

Student Program Coordinator:

Dedra Davis
ddavis [at] chcwpb [dot] org
(561) 840-8681

Service Environment:

We are an urban site, set near downtown West Palm Beach, Florida

Length of Rotations:


Disciplines Eligible for Rotation:

NP, and RN

Program Structure:



No housing available

General Description of the Program:

We offer training opportunities for students and residents who desire to pursue medicine as a missional calling, and who have an interest in working among the medically underserved. Experience in community development projects, and spiritual care approaches will be offered. Students will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the clinical practice.

Goals and Objectives:

Our free walk-in clinic provides an environment for health profession students to learn and be exposed to non-emergency medical care for the medically underserved. Our goal is to help support through education, encouragement and relational mentoring those students and residents who will follow a call to serve the poor and care for the sick.

Other Opportunities:
1 st &2 nd Year Medical students are welcome 

Student Activities:

Students will provide patient care as a member of a multidisciplinary team, be involved in meaningful clinic engagement, assessments and tasks. In clinic, students will be exposed to 10-30 patients/day, and will have training opportunities in non-emergency medical care. 

How many hours/week are offered for clinical training?

Up to 40/wk


Students will be evaluated based on the requirements of their training institution.