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Tzedakah Christian Health Center

Where to find us:

269 W. Eldorado St
Decatur, IL 62525

(217) 330-6076
wecaretzedakah [at] gmail [dot] com


Clinic Information

Clinic Information


Starting as a small gathering of approximately 30 people interested in starting a free medical in the community of Decatur, IL in July 2012,this group has grown to 120+. Community support has been overwhelming. A Board of Directors has been assembled. A building is now being renovated into a clinic. Funds are being gathered. Medical and office supplies are being received. We plan to open in July 2013.

Mission Statement:

The Tzedakah Christian Health Center is committed to providing free, quality, Christ-Centered health care to those that are in need,residing in Macon County, IL.

We strive to see a healthy Macon County by assisting those in need with their medical, emotional and spiritual care. We also see a community where brothers and sisters in Christ can work together to reach the neglected and forgotten for the Kingdom of God.

Model that best describes this clinic:

Free or Charitable Clinic

Clinic facility type:

One fixed site

Is this clinic a National Health Service Corps site?


Types of services provided:

Traditional Primary Care, and Behavioral Health/Counseling

How many hours/week does this clinic see patients?

4 hours/week