2017 CCHF Conference Registration

May 18-20, 2017 in Cincinnati, OH

Who should fill out this form?

Every conference attendee

(including students requesting scholarships, workshop presenters and exhibitors)

ALL registration types include lunch on Friday and Saturday, and the Ice Cream Social on Thursday night.

  • General Registration - $279
  • Partner Clinic Registration - $249 (Employees/Guests/Associates of CCHF Partner Clinics)
  • Spouse/Student (non-volunteer) Registration - $225
  • Student Volunteer Registration - $45 (Student Serves 6-7 Volunteer Hours During Conference)
  • Day Rate - $100
  • Medical (AMA PRA) or Dental (PACE AGD) continuing education credit - $80 (Can be Added to any Registration Type)


To clinic staff whose employer will be paying the conference registration: after you select “yes” complete this registration form. When you submit and are redirected to PayPal, simply close that screen. CCHF staff will then contact your clinic directly with billing instructions.

Please provide your permanent address (Not your dorm or university PO Box)

If you are requesting a scholarship (and are approved) you will qualify for a reduced registration fee of $45 (Regular student rate is $225). (Scholarship recipients will be expected to volunteer for up to 7 hours during the conference.

List a basic summary of your travel expenses: gas, meals, airfare. (Do not include hotel expense).
List number of nights you will need a hotel room. The conference begins on Thursday at 1pm and ends on Saturday at 2:30pm. CCHF will handle your hotel arrangements once your scholarship request is approved.

If you have other costs please explain them here.


Scholarships are generously funded by CCHF members and member organizations that recognize the value of investing in young health professionals like you. Scholarship awards are intended to remove financial hurdles by covering travel expenses. Travel expense checks will be available when you arrive at the conference. 

1. When you hit "Submit" your application will come directly to the CCHF offices. You'll see a PayPal button which you should click if you want to make payment now. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account.

2.  If your clinic is paying your registration just close out of this screen.

3.  Separate to registering for the conference you will want to reserve your hotel room. The hotel link will be provided in the registration confirmation email.

(If you are a requesting a student scholarship, CCHF will arrange your rooming accommodations.)

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