Workshop Preview

Need CME or CDE credit?

We've got you covered!  These workshops are in the process of being approved for CE credit.  If you haven't yet registered for CE credit, don't worry.  You can still get credit onsite at the conference; ask about adding credit at registration.  

  • On Mission With Dental (Jeff Amstutz & Lance Luttrell) 
  • Welcoming the Stranger: Partnering with Refugee Communities in the U.S. 
  • A Strength Based Approach to Bringing Healing and Restoration to Offenders That Fuel Human Trafficking (Lori Basey) 
  • Optimizing Primary Care for Children on the Autism Spectrum: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Thomas Brasted) 
  • Reconciling Grief and Loss: Equipping Multidisciplinary Healthcare Teams in the Clinical Care of OB/GYN Patients (Casey Clardy) 
  • Clinical Care of OB/GYN Patients (Nicholas Comninellis)
  • Mobile Medical Vans: An Answer for Multiple Areas of Underserved Health Care Need in the Community (John Crouch) 
  • Team-Based Patient Appointments: Optimizing the Role of Staff and Making the Physician More Productive (Diane Dunlap) 
  • The Bible and Buprenorphene - A Faith-Based Outpatient Recovery Program 
  • Coaching Conversational Intelligence: The Fine Art of Listening … And Being Heard (Ken Jones) 
  • For I Am Gentle and Humble in Heart: Exploring Behavioral Change and Spiritual Growth Using Motivational Interviewing (Sueihn Lee)
  • Assessing and Addressing the Spiritual Needs of Patients: How to Take a Spiritual History (Bob Mason)
  • Reconcilable Differences: Rebuilding Your Relationship by Rediscovering the Partner You Love (Dorothy O'Neill)
  • Clinical Quality - The Art of Measuring What You Would Like to While Still Measuring What You Have To (Matt Rafalski)
  • Moving Upstream Through Community Health (Amy Richardson)
  • How to Provide Community Health in Your Catchment Area (Stan Rowland) 
  • Dementia: Assessment and Diagnosis in Primary Care (Laura Schultz)
  • Opioid Misuse and Addiction: Helping our Patients with Hope and Kindness, Not Judgement (Norm Wetterau)