Student + Resident Workshop Preview

Here's a sneak peek at a few of our many workshop selections for 2016.  The CCHF staff feels these sessions will be particularly helpful for those who are still in the midst of training.  Of course, all are welcome! 

Don't Waste Your Training: Why School and Residency Should be Your First Mission Field

  • Russ Ayers (Christ Community Health Augusta) and Matt Humble (Medical Campus Outreach) 

It is easy to think that living missionally is something you will get to when you complete your training - when you have more time and control over your life and work.  The reality is that life after training only becomes busier with more and different commitments.  How can you start a pattern of living on “mission” now while you are still in training. We will explore how you can make the most of the opportunities you have today to prepare for tomorrow.

Integrating Living Faith with Your Practice

  • Bill Morehouse (His Branches, Rochester NY)

As believers in Christ and His Kingdom, we are all motivated to find ways to share the hope that is within us with patients and coworkers in the clinical settings where we work. How do we demonstrate and incorporate the powerful instrument of intercession in our patient encounters? How do we communicate the relevant aspects of the "Good News" to patients in the clinical setting. This workshop will address the mindset needed to weave relevant truths of our living faith into contemporary practice in seamless, mutually edifying, and fruitful ways.

Walking the Walk: Equipping Yourself to "Walk Out" Your Ministry in an Often Difficult Environment

  • Bob Paeglow (Koinonia Primary Care) 

The author of Philippians 3:10 writes that he wants to know the power of Christ’s resurrection, and – equally emphasized - the "fellowship of His sufferings".  Understanding calling and what to expect prepares us to be finishers, and not just starters. Dr. Bob will share from his own story and will discuss practical applications to see your work in the context of your calling. This session will inspire those attending to see healthcare and management more as worship than as work, and medicine as vocation and calling instead of a career choice.

For Those Who Would Be the Future of the Movement 

  • John Perkins

Paradigms of community, healthcare, and how the gospel fits in our nation are changing rapidly. God has anointed a new generation to take leadership.  Are you willing to rise to take a place of leadership in your community, in the church, in the medical community, or even in the nation? For over 50 years John Perkins has embodied the principles that define CCHF, Christian reconciliation and justice. He will impart vision and faith to those who want to lead a movement to bring healing to marginalized communities in the name of Jesus.

Spiritual Disciplines - A Cure for Modern Ills: Evidence Based Approach to the Impact of Spirituality on Health

  • Jonathan Wilson 

Addressing spiritual health in our patients is far more than simply sharing the gospel. How do we as practitioners guide our patients on the path to healing in ever-increasing isolated and busy world?  This workshop will take a hard look at the evidence surrounding spirituality and it's impact on health.  We will analyze some ancient spiritual disciplines including lectio divina, prayer of examen, fasting, solitude, and community.  And we will provide some tools to help you and your patients engage in these practices.


Residency and Rotations: Vision and Wisdom for Med/PA/NP Students and Interns (Panel Discussion)

  • David McVay, Tyler Whitaker & Panel

It is vital that you be intentional about maximizing your medical training experiences for the advancement of God’s kingdom.  A panel of advanced nursing and med students, residents and recent graduates share about paths they have taken to remain faithful to their calling to serve Christ domestically and abroad, how they have maintained their passion for Jesus in secular environments and applied the gospel to performance and patient interactions, how they furthered the cause of Christ through strategic friendships and relationships, and more.

...I Did not Come to Bring Peace, but a Sword

  • Rick Donlon (Resurrection Health) 

Beginning with Jesus and the apostles, and extending throughout church history, those who have advanced the Kingdom of God faced pitched opposition from the world and its demonic powers.

Jesus repeatedly warned his disciples that they would be misunderstood, persecuted, and betrayed--even by family and friends. No student, he reminded us, is above his Teacher. Those who strive to bring Jesus' authority and biblical justice to an unjust healthcare system must be prepared to suffer-- knowing that "if we endure, we will also reign with him".

Being Salt & Light in a Secular World

  • Gary Cloud & Ron Yee

Ron and Gary share how God has placed them in various places needing ‘Salt & Light.’ They are prayer partners who are committed to the under-served, and see God’s hand in their respective career paths. Ron has served as an FQHC physician, medical director and executive director – and is currently the CMO of the National Association of Community Health Centers.  Gary worked for many years in the Community Health Center world, and has been involved in establishing health professions colleges committed to preparing healers for the under-served.