Workshop Preview

Are you "in the trenches"?

Need encouragement?  Feeling burnt-out?  You are not alone. We've curated several sessions at this year's conference just for you.  

  • Wounded Warriors:  Facing the Challenge of Serving Well During Times of Personal Struggles...and Winning! (Daisey Dowell) 
  • Overflowing Grace: Not Quite the Way I Thought it Would Be… (Susan Post) 
  • ...I Did not Come to Bring Peace, but a Sword   (Rick Donlon)
  • Walking the Walk: Equipping Yourself to "Walk Out" Your Ministry in an Often Difficult Environment (Bob Paeglow) 
  • You Want Me to Drink from What?  (Donald Dickert) 
  • Jesus is Moving into the Neighborhood: Let's Unload the Moving Truck!  (Sandra Collazo-Lopez) 
  • Being Salt & Light in a Secular World (Gary Cloud + Ron Yee)