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Experience our Clinics

Come join us during your training! The healthcare centers in our CCHF community offer a wide variety of opportunities to spend time learning in Christ centered environments.




Summer Programs

Summer is a great time to invest in your training!  Many programs are available prior to entering medical or healthcare professional school, as well as after the initial academic years.  You can find a complete list of summer programs by clicking here

Clinical Rotations

No CCHF clinic in your city? These rotation sites include housing assistance for students. In many of these rotations, students and residents are exposed to the CCHF philosophy of “incarnational living” as the housing is commonly located (along with the health center) in underserved communities.   

    • Christ Community Health (Augusta, GA)
    • Dayspring Family Health Center (Jellico, TN) 
    • Esperanza Health Center (Philadelphia, PA) 
    • Jericho Road Community Health Center (Buffalo, NY) 
    • Lawndale Christian Health Center (Chicago, IL) 
    • Lower Lights Christian Health Center (Columbus, OH) 
    • Resurrection Health (Memphis, TN) 


Gap Year

Have you completed your undergraduate education?  Do you want to learn more about distinctively Christian healthcare for the underserved before you advance to your next stage of training?  Consider a “gap year” at a CCHF clinic.


Comprehensive Preceptorship Directory

You'll find a full list of available rotation sites within our Preceptorship Directory.