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The Effectiveness of Prayer in Mental and Spiritual Health

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at January 01, 2012
The practice of healthcare delivery to the marginalized in our society is a difficult and at times frustrating road to travel. How can you change the thinking of people to value health, care for themselves, have a concern for others and, most importantly, live their lives with God’s guidance when so many are consumed by their own hurts to the point of immobilization? We live in a society where anxiety, depression, chemical dependency and abuse in all its forms seem to be rising exponent... Read More »

We Wait In Hope

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at January 01, 2012
When I made my decision to enter into a traineeship at Los Angeles Christian Health Centers (LACHC), it was not based on the attributes of the clinic, the size of the clinic, or the wonderful supervision I was going to get, but on the fact my friend worked there. That connection enabled me to apply for a traineeship with a little less stress than my peers. After an interview with the Mental Health Director at the clinic I was offered a position as a marriage and family therapist trainee. I wo... Read More »