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Relocation and the Single Woman

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at August 20, 2012
My name is Janine and I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ.  I have been living and working in inner-city Memphis for the past year and I love it. Growing up in a middle-class suburb of Philly and being raised by believing parents, I experienced the blessings of having a good education and of being challenged to follow Jesus’ leading.  As a teenager, the Lord began directing me to people who had never heard the Gospel.  He led me toward medical training so I could m... Read More »

Singleness _ Traci Warner

Posted by Kristy Tarrant at January 01, 2010
Do you remember sitting in English class during your freshman year and being asked to write an essay about what or where you’d be in 10 years? That was easy. I knew I’d be 1) married with children, 2) a physician, and 3) serving as a full-time missionary overseas. If someone could have looked ahead at my future and told me I’d be 1) single, 2) a nurse (nurse practitioner, specifically), and 3) living and working in a clinic in downtown Nashville, I would have considered my l... Read More »
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