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MCO Philadelphia and CCHF

CCHF and Medical Campus Outreach (MCO) -Philadelphia

Yes, you are in the right place. Medical Campus Outreach (MCO) - Philadelphia is now a ministry of Christian Community Health Fellowship.

For over a quarter of a century MCO-Philadelphia has proclaimed Christ and made disciples on Philadelphia’s healthcare campuses. Tenth Presbyterian Church has faithfully provided spiritual oversight to MCO all those years. In 2021 the leadership at Tenth felt that with the growth of MCO, they should release them to find oversight that was more focused in equipping and engaging Christians in healthcare to faithfully follow Jesus. Tenth Presbyterian continues to support MCO in financial, in-kind and relational ways.

When the staff and Advisory Board of MCO asked CCHF to provide that oversight and covering, we were humbled. CCHF (Christian Community Health Fellowship) is a 40+ year old organization that has partnered with MCO-Philadelphia almost since the beginning. At the beginning of 2022 the Board of CCHF and the Advisory Board of MCO agreed to make MCO-Philadelphia part of the CCHF ministry.

CCHF is a nationwide community of Christian health professionals who are committed to living out the gospel through healthcare, understanding medicine as a calling to serve Christ. While almost half of the CCHF community are students, academics and practitioners who work in secular settings, most of our members work in clinics that strive to deliver distinctively Christian care in underserved areas. Esperanza Health Center, the long-time partner of Summer Medical Institute (SMI) is a good example. There are over 300 Christian clinics in the CCHF community, and many are served or have been pioneered by SMI graduates.


  • How does this change MCO?  MCO will continue to do what it has done for  over 25 years. There are no changes in MCO staff, the MCO Advisory Board continues to counsel the staff as well as the leadership of CCHF, and MCO will continue to make disciples on the campuses where they have been.
  • What about Summer Medical Institute (SMI)? SMI will continue as it has for decades. Same staff, same program, same partners.
  • So Why Does MCO need CCHF?  Because it has always been a ministry of Tenth Presbyterian, MCO-Philadelphia was never incorporated. Coming under CCHF allows MCO’s partners to continue to support and grow the ministry. CCHF will process their donations, provide protection to their financial processes, and give partners a way to give tax deductible donations.
  • Are there other advantages to MCO becoming part of CCHF?  CCHF leadership has loved MCO and SMI for many years. This new relationship gives us the opportunity to love their staff, provide care and prayer and true partnership to them. Our community provides missional outlets for MCO disciples and graduates. And our hope is that we can help MCO-Philadelphia expand their partnership through other organizations and local churches while honoring the godly foundation that Tenth Presbyterian has laid over the years.
  • What happens to my donation to MCO?  100% of your designated donation to MCO-Philadelphia goes to the ministry of MCO, just as it always has. In making online donations, be sure to designate how you want your donation to be used in the drop-down window. When writing a check, be sure to designate your check “FOR MCO” or “FOR SMI”.  If you have any questions, call us or drop us an email.


Because of partners like you, MCO-Philadelphia continues to be one of the largest outreaches to medical students in the country. This new partnership is an opportunity to expand MCO’s footprint across Philadelphia and beyond. Your prayer, your time and your financial support will help us see more lives transformed on the growing healthcare campuses in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.