Organizational Partners

Clinic partners join CCHF in support of the efforts that CCHF makes to sustain and grow our movement, including...

  • Provider and Administrative Staff Recruitment
  • Student/Resident outreach
  • Representing the charitable faith-based healthcare community to regional and national partners, both in the private and public sectors
  • Producing retention resources and events
  • Networking organizations with common missions
  • Assisting new clinic start ups and expansion
  • Raising the profile of faith-based healthcare nationally  

In addition, CCHF Clinic partners receive:

  • Discounts for staff at conferences and events
  • Special rates for exhibiting and advertising at conferences
  • Job postings and promotion through and CCHF social networks
  • Recruitment and screening of students and residents for Preceptorship programs
  • Opportunities to request surveys and information about similar organizations regionally and nationally.

Clinic partnerships are based on a sliding scale relative to the organization’s annual budgeted revenue.

The CCHF family appreciates the role that charitably funded clinics play in our movement.  And we appreciate the unique pressures that smaller or newer clinics sometimes face.  We believe that often clinics that may benefit the most from CCHF are the ones that can least afford it. CCHF will offer the same service to our clinics regardless of their ability to pay.  If you need grace, pay what your clinic can afford.

Clinic Renewal Suggested Amounts

Support Opportunities

Beyond a clinic's annual dues, they are welcome to contribute to the following funds:

  • Student Programs: Enables CCHF to reach health profession students and residents with our message.
  • New Clinic Assistance: Enables CCHF to provide valuable assistance to groups starting Christian clinics in medically underserved areas.
  • Conference Sponsorship: Enables CCHF to provide quality programming and keep registration fees low for the national conference.

The Value of your Clinic Information

When you join CCHF's online directory, you will be providing valuable clinic information. It's important to us to have your clinic's information. Here is why:

  • It will help recruit more providers, both as paid professionals and as volunteers
  • It will help new clinics get started in unreached underserved areas
  • It will strengthen the network of Christian clinics by helping clinics connect with clinics that have a similar missional focus
  • It will help advocates get favorable legislation and funding opportunities for clinics like yours
  • It will influence private funders to give stronger support to faith-based clinics like yours

Ready to Join?

We're excited to have you join our network. Please complete the individual signup form first. Once you have signed up as an individual, you can add your organization to our clinic directory if it isn't already listed.

To add your clinic simply use the "log-in" tab and then choose "edit organization". From there you'll have the opportunity to add or update your clinic info.

Qualified organizations are those who focus their heathcare for patients who fall within 200% of the federal poverty guidelines; these primary care clinics, specialty care clinics, and hospitals must consider themselves to be either faith-based or “faith-friendly”.