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Jeff Amstutz, DDS

What part of CCHF's mission and values excites you the most?

I have been impacted by the community of CCHF since my family and I returned to the states in 2012. We had worked for many years among the people of Gabon, Mali and Senegal. In Gabon we worked to encourage, educate and equip young believers to deliver dental care and the gospel message. In Mali we worked to equip Malians to deliver much needed health care to women and children and to share the gospel. In Senegal we worked with the poor through development and consultation. For me, the words of Jesus when he said to "go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy not sacrifice'" has been life changing in my approach to prividing care and equipping others to live out their call. Now back in the US the desire to continue to not only work among the poor, but equip others, including those previously marginalized, continues to grow as we develop and work out what that means for impact through dentistry.

I thinks perhaps my heartbeat is to see people know God and equipped to help others know him - especially through the avenue of healthcare.

Tell us a bit about your involvement with CCHF.

Serving as the founder and director of the CMDA Dental Residency I've been excited to present at past CCHF conferences and to bring our dental residents to the conference to get a bigger picture of what is happening nationally in faithbased missional medicine. Some of those residents are now sharing about the vision they have to reach the underserved and to provide training and equipping of others through dentistry.