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Our Mission

The mission of Christian Community Health Fellowship is to encourage, engage and equip Christians to live out the gospel through healthcare among the poor and marginalized. 

Our Vision

We envision a movement of God's people who choose daily to promote healing in marginalized communities in the name of Jesus.

CCHF Vision from CCHF on Vimeo.

Our Role

We believe that there is a growing movement of Christians who are committed to bring healing to marginalized communities in Jesus’ name. CCHF is the joint effort of those in the movement to help others find their place in our common cause, persevere in our mutual calling, and grow in our understanding of what it means to be ambassadors of Christ in healthcare and in communities of need.  

Simply put, the role of CCHF is to support and grow this movement. We do this by...

Relational Network

  • The most powerful thing about CCHF is the actual community. It is real. It is relational. It is a family. We are committed to each other’s success. So, like the body of Christ, we share our experiences and insights with one another and help one another any way we can. I love the part of my job that helps members of the CCHF family find one another and connect in meaningful ways that honors Christ and advances His cause.

Students and Residents

A big part of what we do is reaching out to Christians during their training years. Through collaborative relationships with groups like CMDA, MCO and Intervarsity, we send practitioners to speak to campus groups at medical, dental, nursing, PA and behavioral health campuses. We provide clinical experiences through a network of preceptor and internship programs in Christian clinics. And when the time comes, we help residents find placements at clinics where they can integrate faith with clinical care for the medically underserved. Learn much more at the "Students" tab on our website.

National and Regional Events

The biggest and most visible of these is the annual CCHF conference. It is a 3-day event with inspiring speakers, informative workshops, and potent times of networking. Major Christian leaders and pioneers make themselves available to sit with newcomers, to both share and to listen to the new voices that God is raising up in this community.

CCHF | talk

A podcast addressing important and current topics affecting our community.

Information and Inspiring Reading

Check out the "text" section under "Resources" to find blogs, newsletters, stories, and archived issues of Health & Development, (H&D).  Readers can find stories of Christian professionals working with the medically underserved and explore the unique challenges encountered in providing holistic, Christ-driven care in domestic cross-cultural settings.