2017 conference - How serving the poorest in a developing country led me to serve the poorest in my own city...reflections of an obstetrician.

"In this session, I hope to inspire young physicians to realize that serving the poorest is never a sacrifice...it is a privilege. As a doctor, you have opportunities to be the hands of God that few have. You can use that privilege for your own interest or for the interest of those in greatest need..those whom Christ asks us to serve. As someone who served the poorest in Guatemala for many years, I soon realized that there was just as great a need, if not more so in my own community in Toledo, Ohio. Through CCHF I found a community of loving, God-inspired people who would lead me to the greatest ""job"" of my life...a job which enabled me to serve the Christ that saved my own life and kept me from the problems that came with following the ways of success that our earthly world ascribes to. It truly is in serving that we are healed. " Anne ruch