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2018 Conference - Advocacy in the Face of Injustice: What are Follower of Jesus to Do?

Myron Glick; What does this new political reality mean to the poorest and most vulnerable among us and most importantly what should followers of Jesus do? This session will explore the rich tradition of advocacy on behalf of the poorest and most vulnerable throughout the history of the Biblical Jesus and His followers since. What does advocacy mean for us today? What does it mean to have a prophetic voice? How can we make a difference not just providing good care to individuals but also advocating for a more just society that better reflects the Kingdom of God?

2015 Conference - Science, Faith and Healthcare: Unapologetic Apologetics

Led by Bill Griffin, DDS. Wondering if science and faith are incompatible in your clinic? Unsure where things believed in faith fit in with empirical truths? Listen to learn how your faith can influence the care you offer to patients.

2015 Conference - Living out the Gospel through Healthcare in Secular Settings

Led by Katy White, MD, with a panel. Discussion on the joys and challenges in different models of serving and following Jesus through health care in secular settings; academia, non faith-based community clinics, FQHCs, and free clinics.

2015 Conference - Have I not commanded You: Be Strong and Courageous!

Rick Donlon, MD. Planning, initiating, and sustaining a Christian health ministry for the poor requires unmovable faith in God's sustaining presence and power.Biblical principles and practical experience help leaders anchor into the hope we have when we trust God.

2014 Conference - Sally Schwer Canning

Learning from Legends: Stories of Longevity and Thriving in Healthcare for the Poor