2017 Conference - Faith, Trauma and the Brain: An Integrated Approach for Healthcare Providers

Survivors of crime, abuse, combat, and disaster constitute just a few of the groups of people who may struggle with the emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences of trauma. Trauma has long lasting impact upon anatomy of the brain, core relationships, and issues of faith. This workshop will provide a basic understanding of the etiology of post-traumatic distress and associated previous disease or injuries. In addition, the workshop will explore practical tools and skills for healthcare providers, key theological insights regarding trauma and recovery, and helpful pastoral responses to support trauma survivors. Erika Sy

2017 Conference - The Joy of Healthcare: Why We Serve the Poor

In the age of physician burnout and threats to the practice of ethical medicine, the Christian medical professional is not immune. Professional burnout can be eased by a clear conviction of the “why” for a chosen career. Burnout and mission drift can contribute to medical errors, decisions to leave practice, personal distress, and a lack of career satisfaction. Sister Mary Diana, a Dominican religious sister and a practicing internist, will explore the unifying principles of Christian healthcare, from Genesis through the apostolic epistles, and demonstrate the meaning behind the work we do -- so that you will be renewed in mind and heart. Syster Mary Diana Greger

2017 Conference - How to pray "Good News" with patients

We all know that prayer is "where the rubber hits the road" in our faith, but how do we demonstrate and incorporate the powerful instrument of intercession in our daily lives and especially in our patient encounters? How do we carry the difficulties faced by patients to God and communicate the relevant aspects of the "Good News" back to patients? We spend a lot of time taking clinical care of people, but where and how does prayer fit in? Does God want us to pray openly with people? Is verbal prayer appropriate? How can we do it so that it will be received? We’ll identify the difficulties that faith-based providers have overcoming barriers to praying with patients in the clinical setting. Bill Morehouse

2017 Conference - Finding God's Will: A Journey to Rural America

"Rural America" conjures up warm, innocent images from Norman Rockwell paintings. Today, however, small town America could not be further from this picture. Broken homes, epidemic drug abuse, staggering unemployment, and paralyzing depression have ravaged these once nostalgic streets. We’re not in Mayberry anymore! God has called all of us to serve, yet medical missions in rural America have been neglected due to the needs of other parts of the world. Dr. Thomas will have an interactive discussion with a rising ETSU medical student who is plotting out his own journey and seeking where God is calling him to serve. Geogy Thomas

2017 Conference - Committed to Recovery - a faith-based, opiate addiction recovery program within a physician's office

Learn firsthand about a unique ministry in an urban community that converted a Mack Truck garage into a ministry center that provides education, job skills training, healthcare, legal advisement and spiritual care. All healthcare services are free and include primary care, mental health counseling, optometry, chiropractic, dental, and spiritual care. There is also a ministry that provides parents with free baby and children’s clothing. At a separate location there is a retreat center that has goal of inspiring and equipping young people to serve those in need throughout their lifetimes. Dave Holmes

2017 Conference - Spiritual Disciplines - A Cure for Modern Ills: Evidence Based Approach to the Impact of Spirituality on Health

Addressing spiritual health in our patients is far more than simply sharing the gospel. How do we as practitioners guide our patients on the path to healing in an ever-increasing isolated and busy world? This workshop will take a hard look at the evidence surrounding spirituality and its impact on health. We will analyze some ancient spiritual disciplines including lectio divina (bible reading, meditation, prayer), prayer of examen (reflections on the events of the day), fasting, solitude, and community. All of these practices are intended to promote communion with God and to treat scripture not as texts to be studied but as the Living Word. Jonathan Wilson

2017 conference - Jesus on the Journey

We will look at scriptures, spiritual rhythms, and practices that can help us persevere on the journey of providing health care among people who are marginalized and broken, with deep physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs. We will share stories from patient encounters and from the administrative side of health care among the poor. We will share ideas and suggestions to help address burnout or potential burnout, compassion fatigue, or doubts, We will suggest helpful spiritual rhythms on a daily or weekly basis. The goal is to help you encounter Jesus especially amidst struggles on the journey of living out the Gospel through health care among the poor. Katy White

2017 Conference - Beginning with the end in mind: The 10 year process from vision to sustainability of an urban community health center

This session will describe the process for establishing a community health center from a Neighborhood Transformation (NT) perspective in an urban setting. Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center was established to meet the needs of the medically underserved low income population in West Louisville, KY. With a NT framework and a FQHC model, Shawnee evolved to become a key part of the community and a leader in neighborhood transformation efforts while maintaining both the mission and margin. This success was in large part due to the Board of Director's leadership and decision-making processes from day one. Phyllis Platt

2017 conference - How serving the poorest in a developing country led me to serve the poorest in my own city...reflections of an obstetrician.

"In this session, I hope to inspire young physicians to realize that serving the poorest is never a is a privilege. As a doctor, you have opportunities to be the hands of God that few have. You can use that privilege for your own interest or for the interest of those in greatest need..those whom Christ asks us to serve. As someone who served the poorest in Guatemala for many years, I soon realized that there was just as great a need, if not more so in my own community in Toledo, Ohio. Through CCHF I found a community of loving, God-inspired people who would lead me to the greatest ""job"" of my life...a job which enabled me to serve the Christ that saved my own life and kept me from the problems that came with following the ways of success that our earthly world ascribes to. It truly is in serving that we are healed. " Anne ruch

2017 conference- Help! The Seismic Shift to Population Health Management

Not that we have obtained, but we press on! Staff at Lawndale will illustrate the changing world of medicine, describing our journey from “walk-in care” to the current care team model serving patient panels and brining additional services around high-risk patient populations. Two of LCHC's Care Coordinators will give insight into their roles and contributions. Topics covered include risk stratification and health risk assessments, development of the team structure for care management, and how we’ve built tech and tools both in and out of EMR to enable new workflows at the point of care and between visits. We might even let you in on the back alley brawls that are helping shape our strategies! Bruce Rowell