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2018 Conference - Equipped to Serve: Mobilizing Your Church

Carol Gates; There are those in your church who genuinely want to do more to care for the poor, stranger, widow, and orphan, but they don’t understand what to do or where to start. This is the story of a program that has helped transform a suburban church in Western Michigan by helping them engage their vulnerable neighbors. Topics include the Biblical mandate to serve, racism, and helping without hurting. This presentation will lead you through a process that you can replicate it in your church. Study materials, resources and templates will be shared.

2015 Conference - From Rags to Riches and Back Again: The Good Shepherd Story

Fred Loper, MD, tell the story of a small, free medical and dental clinic that learned to get by on very little funding. 35 years later Good Shepherd is still caring for patients and flourishing.

2015 Conference - Learning, Serving and Flourishing: Helping the Church Find its Place in the Community

Carol Gates, RN. Strategies for discipleship that strengthen the church to serve the communities where they live, whether urban or rural.

2014 - Steve Noblett - The Church in the City

This is a sermon from by Steve Noblett, current executive director of CCHF, on relocation, incarnational presence, the importance of the church in transforming the city; and includes a powerful personal testimony by a young family that became strategic neighbors in an under-resourced community in Memphis, TN. This was originally preached in 2001.

2014 Conference - David Campbell

Can and Should the Church’s Mission include Medical and Dental Care?