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2019 Conference- Case Management: A New Frontier with Free Mobile Clinic

Rachel Bardgett.Good Samaritan Health Services is a mobile medical unit that has been in operation for 20 years. The standard staff members include paid positions for a nurse, driver, and 2 providers for the daytime clinics with volunteer providers for our evening and weekend clinics. The sharp increase in the growth of our clinics and of more complex, complicated patients made clinic more challenging with only one nurse to handle everything from triage to order processing, and patient education. We have implemented a RN Case Management position to assist in increase in compliance, chronic disease management, and statics tracking.

2019 Conference - Moving Your Clinic From a Dream to a Reality

Alan Keister, Chelsea Stevens.We will share the collaborative relationships, successes, and failures of our personal journey, and most importantly: how to build the perfect team. Going from overwhelming thoughts to planning to strategizing to bring plans into reality. Areas covered will be: start up plans, how to assess the need, collaborative relationships, building a team, and implementing the plan.

2019 Conference - Clinical Care Quality Initiative

Stephanie Garris.This session will describe how one charitable clinic that is overwhelmingly staffed by volunteer providers undertook an extensive quality improvement process for clinical care and improved rates of vaccinations and cancer screenings.

2019 Conference - Increasing Organizational Capacity Through Volunteer Engagement

Marie Moy.This workshop will provide you with tools to create meaningful areas of service within your organization, deepen community connections, and incorporate more people into the work of bringing healing and justice to under-resourced communities.

2018 Conference - Developing A Healthy Team: 5 Key Behaviors

Steve Sartori; Healthy leadership teams are necessary for any successful healthcare organization. With the evolution of healthcare delivery, clinical teams have gained importance as well. Team performance is a product of competent leadership and member engagement, founded on relational trust. This presentation will describe five behaviors critical for the creation of a cohesive team, and help attendees become better leaders and team members.

2017 Conference - From the Clinic to the Community: Looking Outside the Walls of Your Clinic

This session is a personal story of a family physician who worked in a mission hospital in Kenya, East Africa for 13 years. Through a series of events and personal relationships, this doctor's ministry shifted from what "he could do" as a clinician to a vision of "what God can do" when communities are empowered to own their processes of community health and development and manage their health priorities. This session emphasizes the role of public health workers in promoting a wholistic view of the gospel that includes spiritual, physical, emotional, and social well-being. Philip Renfroe

2017 Conference - Growing and Sustaining Revenue To Serve More Patients

Critical issues are facing Free and Charitable Clinic leaders as they work to raise funds each year. This session will be facilitated by Beth Brown, Vice President of Butterfield Memorial Foundation, and Stephanie Garris, Chief Executive Officer of Grace Medical Home, who will share their insight and philosophy on ways to raise and sustain clinics through authentic funding requests. This session will be an interactive session where clinic leaders can ask and discuss development questions that would benefit all. Stephanie Garris & Beth Brown

Topics: free clinic, funds,

2017 Conference - Enduring, not ephemeral: Free and charitable clinics' role in the safety net

Many may not realize that there are approximately 1,300 free and charitable clinics across the country that help fill in the gaps for those who “fall through the cracks” of our current healthcare system. This session will present results from a recent national census survey of free and charitable clinics. The session will portray the free and charitable sector as a whole, describe trends over the past decade, compare free clinics and charitable clinics, and examine clinics in Medicaid expansion states and non-expansion states. Julie Darnell

2015 Conference - Journeys in Rural Healthcare

25% of Americans live in low population centers, yet only 10% of all healthcare providers work in rural settings. Hear Drs. John Waits and Lacy Smith describe their journey in opening a clinic and raising their families in the rural south.

2015 Conference - Navigating Partnerships with the Big Guys, Creating the Win-Win between Hospitals and Clinics

Led by Holly Lang. Relationships between community-based clinics and hospitals/health systems can be tricky, and are often loaded with misconceptions from both sides. This session offers candid discussion on how to proactively address potential problems.