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2018 Conference - Culturally Intelligent Leadership: Cultural Awareness Does Not Mean Colorblindness

Debra Ortiz-Vasquez, Susan Post, Jael Chambers; As managers and leaders we need to go beyond cultural facts, cultural knowledge, and ethnic diversity for the sake of diversity. It is critical that we ask, “Is our diversity inclusive? Are people identified beyond their job titles?” This session is an invitation to have an honest and real conversation about what it means to be the type of leader with whom minority groups have a desire to work, having leadership reflect the community it serves, and leading the organization to its best expression of God's diversity as a gift to our community and to one another.

2015 Conference - Communicating with (or in spite of) EHR V2.0

Presented by Matt Rafalski, MD. "You don't look at me anymore" Many patients feel that when a physician brings EHR into the exam room, communication shuts down. This session discusses how to reopen those communication channels.

2014 Conference - Matt Rafalski

The 3rd Person in the Exam Room: Communicating with Patients in the Age of EHR

2014 Conference - Pam Stanberry

Transitions: Helping Organizations Improve Morale in Times of Change