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2015 Conference - Executive Leadership in Times of Challenge and Change

Led by Janice Sherman, MPA. Leadership must be more flexible than ever before. Leaders must guide staff through challenges of growth and transitions and sustain a viable business model while building a caring organizational culture that honors Christ. Explore those issues in this presentation.

2015 Conference - Jesus on the Journey

Katy White, MD. We will discuss ways to grow in your revelation of Christ and perseverance in your work among the poor.

2015 Conference - Dana Vallangeon "Charity, Compassion & Justice"

This session addresses three concepts that have shaped Christian response to healthcare among the poor. It is important that those of us in missional medicine understand these distinctions and how they impact approaches to ministry.

2014 Conference - Farr Curlin

Reflection on the Challenges of Caring Compassionately for Patients in Pain

2014 Conference - Alejandra Taveras & Rosa Mack

Developing the Reflection of God’s Character in the Workplace