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2018 Conference - Becoming A Look-Alike: One Option for Sustainability and Growth as a Christian Health Center

Shawn Powers, Jeremy Simmons; This seminar focuses on leadership dynamics and change needed to lead a clinic through the process of becoming a Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike designee. We will walk clinic leadership through how to successfully help your staff and board make the transition. Baptist Community Health Services, New Orleans, will share from its experience as a 3-year old clinic in making a successful conversion to a FQHC LAL. Highlights will include transitioning your board; organizing key staff to help you, communicating with all your staff about the strategic direction you are moving toward as an FQHC candidate, and more.

2017 Conference - How faith carried our clinic through the storms

Hong Wilson, pediatrician at Crossroad Health Center in Cincinnati, will share candidly from real life experiences of working with a FQHC clinic which transitioned through an ownership change, not once but four times in 10 years. Through all of that upheaval and uncertainty the staff learned to see the faithfulness of God in the midst of the storm. Hear inspiring stories of numerous, specific answers to prayer, how love melts the challenges, and how trust in an Almighty God can lead to solutions for problems. If you would like to be strengthened by testimony of growing faith and encountering God don’t miss this workshop. Hong Wilson

2017 Conference - CRHM's Ministry Model: how we run a Christian FQHC with a 330 grant

Cross Road Health Ministries just celebrated its 60th anniversary and accepted a 330 federal grant in 2003. This course will present the model developed and used by the organization's current CEO to bring the organization back to it's mission roots over the last 6 years while remaining in the federal grant arena. Joel Medendorp

2016 Conference - Leading a Christian FQHC: The Lawndale Way of Embracing Growth, Faith, and Inclusivity

Growth brings in new people, new perspectives, and new challenges to the hope of mission clarity in service to Jesus. This workshop follows Lawndale CHC through seasons of growth over 32 years. Challenges are defined and strategies are offered. Bruce Miller

2015 Conference - Living out the Gospel through Healthcare in Secular Settings

Led by Katy White, MD, with a panel. Discussion on the joys and challenges in different models of serving and following Jesus through health care in secular settings; academia, non faith-based community clinics, FQHCs, and free clinics.