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2017 Conference - 4 Areas of Christian Healthcare Ministry

A lot has changed over the years with CCHF.  In the early days, there were only a handful of organizations that aligned themselves as being committed to living out the gospel through healthcare among the poor. Now there are hundreds. These organizations create communities where like-minded, missionally-driven, medical disciples can walk out their faith with as many obstacles removed as possible.  In other words, they are a collection of individuals who ideally live like the body of Christ while practicing whole person care for those who are poor. Join us as we discuss 4 areas of healthcare ministry and how you might find your place of service. Steve Noblett

2017 conference - Jesus on the Journey

We will look at scriptures, spiritual rhythms, and practices that can help us persevere on the journey of providing health care among people who are marginalized and broken, with deep physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs. We will share stories from patient encounters and from the administrative side of health care among the poor. We will share ideas and suggestions to help address burnout or potential burnout, compassion fatigue, or doubts, We will suggest helpful spiritual rhythms on a daily or weekly basis. The goal is to help you encounter Jesus especially amidst struggles on the journey of living out the Gospel through health care among the poor. Katy White

2015 Conference - Science, Faith and Healthcare: Unapologetic Apologetics

Led by Bill Griffin, DDS. Wondering if science and faith are incompatible in your clinic? Unsure where things believed in faith fit in with empirical truths? Listen to learn how your faith can influence the care you offer to patients.