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2017 Conference - Persistent, Consistent and Intentional

When facing exhaustion, defeat, and disappointments - when you do everything possible for your patients and it's still not enough - when you hold their hands and still they resist you - be encouraged! Our heavenly father has not given up on us, who are we to give up on our patients? Transformation involves being persistent, consistent, and intentional in the lives of the poor and powerless to connect them to the true Healer and experiencing God’s restorative power in their lives. I plan to share anecdotes and experience learned over the past 2 years in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco through our home visit and patient advocacy program. Janet aguirre

2017 Conference - The Joy of Healthcare: Why We Serve the Poor

In the age of physician burnout and threats to the practice of ethical medicine, the Christian medical professional is not immune. Professional burnout can be eased by a clear conviction of the “why” for a chosen career. Burnout and mission drift can contribute to medical errors, decisions to leave practice, personal distress, and a lack of career satisfaction. Sister Mary Diana, a Dominican religious sister and a practicing internist, will explore the unifying principles of Christian healthcare, from Genesis through the apostolic epistles, and demonstrate the meaning behind the work we do -- so that you will be renewed in mind and heart. Syster Mary Diana Greger

2017 conference - Jesus on the Journey

We will look at scriptures, spiritual rhythms, and practices that can help us persevere on the journey of providing health care among people who are marginalized and broken, with deep physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs. We will share stories from patient encounters and from the administrative side of health care among the poor. We will share ideas and suggestions to help address burnout or potential burnout, compassion fatigue, or doubts, We will suggest helpful spiritual rhythms on a daily or weekly basis. The goal is to help you encounter Jesus especially amidst struggles on the journey of living out the Gospel through health care among the poor. Katy White

2015 Conference - Jesus on the Journey

Katy White, MD. We will discuss ways to grow in your revelation of Christ and perseverance in your work among the poor.

2014 Conference - Renee Lick

For Women Only - Can I Do It? Singleness, Marriage, and Children for the Disciple and Healthcare Worker