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2018 Conference - "It's a Beautiful Day in the Hood....Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

Daisey Dowell; You know that you've been called to serve in the inner-city. However you sometimes wonder how you can effectively serve in a community whose culture may be quite different from the one that you have always known. This workshop will utilize discussion and case study illustrations to provide practical steps that we can take to better understand the culture, and engage more fully, with the community that we have been called to serve as urban missionaries.

2017 Conference - John Perkins' 3 Rs Application Today

In 1976 John Perkins began teaching a framework for ministry in low income communities known as The Three Rs: Relocation, Reconciliation, and Redistribution. Are they still a valid framework for us to use today, 41 years later? We think so. In this workshop you will learn how we at Lawndale Christian Health Center still utilize the The Three Rs as core values for guiding our work. Might The Three Rs help your organization? This workshop will help you ponder creating core values and clear frameworks for creating an effective ministry. James Brooks, Bruce Miller.

2017 Conference - 4 Areas of Christian Healthcare Ministry

A lot has changed over the years with CCHF.  In the early days, there were only a handful of organizations that aligned themselves as being committed to living out the gospel through healthcare among the poor. Now there are hundreds. These organizations create communities where like-minded, missionally-driven, medical disciples can walk out their faith with as many obstacles removed as possible.  In other words, they are a collection of individuals who ideally live like the body of Christ while practicing whole person care for those who are poor. Join us as we discuss 4 areas of healthcare ministry and how you might find your place of service. Steve Noblett

2016 Conference - Walking the Walk

Equipping yourself to "walk out" your ministry in an often difficult environment. Bob Paeglow, MD

2015 Conference - Ministry that flows from Grace

Susan Post, DMin, DHA. In the routine of ministry it is easy to drift from that original awe that gave us the desire to serve God. This session looks at how scripture teaches us and gives us strategies for keeping our spiritual energy.

2015 Conference - Have I not commanded You: Be Strong and Courageous!

Rick Donlon, MD. Planning, initiating, and sustaining a Christian health ministry for the poor requires unmovable faith in God's sustaining presence and power.Biblical principles and practical experience help leaders anchor into the hope we have when we trust God.

2015 Conference - Touching the Leper: Treating Chronic Pain in a High Risk Environment

Bob Paeglow, MD, and panel. Hear from this multidisciplinary team on the challenges that had to be overcome to help improve the quality of life for those who suffer from chronic pain. Homeless, addicted, poverty stricken, modern day "lepers".

2015 Conference - Jesus on the Journey

Katy White, MD. We will discuss ways to grow in your revelation of Christ and perseverance in your work among the poor.

2014 Conference - Robert Campbell

Love Revisited: The Not-So-Secret Ingredient to Following Jesus and Making Him Known