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2019 Conference - Our Home on Mission

Kali and Danny Luecke.A "thin space" is a place on Earth where heaven feels closer. Our prayer for our home is that it would be a thin space, a place where people meet God. God has given us an incredible tool for seeking His kingdom - our home and more specifically our dining room table. Come to this workshop and learn how we can use hospitality and our homes to live missionally.

2019 Conference - Risk is Right

Laura Cooper.Rooted in a synopsis of John Piper’s book, “Don’t Waste Your Life”, this session will challenge prevailing ideas of what it means to live by faith, and focus on the power of risk in the promise of God. We will share scriptures and principles to answer those who question choices you make to glorify God that are counterintuitive to the world's economy.

2019 Conference- I Love Jesus, but I Don't Love Him That Much

David Michael Smengee, John Bayon.Sit with us in Malachi, the Spirit’s diagnostic text for our session. Let’s talk and pray about upholding the mission King Jesus has given us and encourage one another for costly service under Christ.

2017 Conference - There & Back Again, A Hobbit's Tale: God's Faithfulness in Long-Term Overseas Medical Mission Work, Start to Finish

How does God call normal, broken people into service cross-culturally? In an interactive session, Dr. Doug Collins will share how God called his family into medical missions in Cambodia 2001-2011, the lessons learned along the way, how their 10-year career as missionaries was brought to a close, and how God has proven faithful through it all. During this session, he will also explore the advantages and disadvantages of long-term work vs. short-term work and of serving as a single vs. married missionary. Time for discussion will be given throughout. Doug collins