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2018 Conference - Where’s the Evidence? Resources for Community-Level Interventions to Improve Health

Rachel Parrill, Carolyn Barnett; Healthcare providers are familiar with an evidence-based practice model which promotes clinical decision making based on empirical evidence and expert opinion. You are likely very familiar with resources which synthesize the best evidence for patient care, but where do you start when you want to reach outside the walls of your clinic? How do you know what works best to improve the health of neighborhoods and communities? In this session, we will explore two web-based resources which synthesize evidence-based approaches to improving population health.

2016 Conference - Integrating Living Faith with your Practice

Addressing the mindset needed to weave relevant truths of our living faith into contemporary practice in seamless, mutually edifying, and fruitful ways. Bill Morehouse

2014 Conference - Pam Stanberry

Transitions: Helping Organizations Improve Morale in Times of Change