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2018 Conference - The Birth of a Prenatal Care Program

Christine Furgason; For 25 years, Crossroad Health Center has provided quality care to adult and pediatric patients in under-resourced communities in and around Cincinnati. In 2016, Crossroad recognized the need for quality, wholistic prenatal care, and created a program model designed to impact the high infant mortality rate in their county. This session describes how they assessed the need, and implemented their prenatal care program in partnership with a family medicine residency, a for-profit hospital and a safety-net hospital. There will be a review of resources, and guidelines on negotiating strategic partnerships to insure quality in serving a high-risk underserved population.

2015 Conference - Life Story: A Christian Group Prenatal Program

Greg Mullinax, MD. Infant mortality is a major epidemic in many American cities and is especially a problem for African American communities. The Life Story Prenatal Curriculum was designed to respond to this medical crisis with an emphasis on addressing the cultural pressures and life patterns that drive this public health problem.