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2017 Conference - Direct Primary Care - Can it work to care for the urban underserved?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of healthcare delivery where patients pay the physician directly for services, usually in the form of a monthly membership. Contrasted to Concierge Medicine which typically bills insurance and charges a retainer fee, DPC does not accept any third party payments. Can this model be used to care for the urban underserved? Drs. Tomsen and Alleman argue that it can and has benefits for underserved patients and missional doctors. They opened a DPC clinic (Antioch Med) in South Wichita in July 2016. Come find out about DPC, see how Antioch Med runs, and ask questions! Nick Tomsen

2015 Conference - A Practical Guide to Depression

Rachel Zahn, PsyD, and Karla Torres-Ferrer, PsyD, lead this workshop with educational tools to identify symptoms of depression with objective measures for screening.

2015 Conference - Palliative Care Update and Resources for Primary Care

Led by Beth Delaney, FNP, ACNPN. This session provides an overview of the latest palliative care information from the Centers to Advance Palliative Care Conference.

2015 Conference - Primary Care in Sierra Leone During the Ebola Crisis

Myron Glick, MD. This is the amazing story of a refugee and patient who became a nurse, joined Jericho Road's staff, and then led an outreach to her home country to start a primary care clinic.