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2015 Conference - Motivational Interviewing and SBIRT with Substance Abuse

Jim Henderson, MD, and Matt Rafalski, MD, lead this workshop in motivation interviewing and SBIRT (screening, brief interview, referral to treatment). This session outlines Siloam Clinic's proactive and successful first year of addressing this aspect of patient care.

2015 Conference - Bioethics: Intersection of Medicine, Technology, Law and Theology

Led by Richard Goad, DPM. This session provides an overview of the principles of bioethics and ethical struggles we commonly encounter.

2015 Conference - Lost in Translation: Jericho Road's Journey to Language Interpretation

Presented by Anna ireland, PhD, and Myron Glick, MD. Patients of Jericho Road come from 40 countries and most speak little or no English. This session examines strategies to overcome language and cultural barriers by engaging community members, utilizing interpreters and bilingual staff.