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2017 Conference - Why Aren't We Growing - Asking Tough Questions

Your clinic or ministry is doing so much good, serving so many people, meeting so many needs. Yet there is still so much to be done. You could meet more of those needs if you could only grow the organization a little larger. Why can you not find the board members you need? Why are you not attracting the grant money you see others bringing in? You are manning the wall, being faithful to God's call, so why are you struggling with few resources, few partners, and a lack of community interest in your work? We will examine in a very transparent and authentic way some of the barriers that you may not realize are there and, if you are willing, take the first step to overcome them. Up for the challenge? Beth Brown

2015 Conference - Your Website Smells Like Cheese

Jason Stevens and Sarah Dickert lead a light hearted but vital conversation in maximizing your website image. Better pictures, recognizable branding, how to make a better website happen with limited resources.

2015 Conference - Bioethics: Intersection of Medicine, Technology, Law and Theology

Led by Richard Goad, DPM. This session provides an overview of the principles of bioethics and ethical struggles we commonly encounter.

2015 Conference - Palliative Care Update and Resources for Primary Care

Led by Beth Delaney, FNP, ACNPN. This session provides an overview of the latest palliative care information from the Centers to Advance Palliative Care Conference.