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2019 Conference - Spiritually Integrated Interventions in Psychotherapy & the Community

Carlos Fayard & Byron Rivera.In this workshop we will present a multidisciplinary approach to address the healthcare gaps of underserved (e.g., unauthorized immigrants and underinsured) Latino population that utilizes county, hospital, and parochial resources.

2019 Conference - Health as Mission

Grace Tazelaar.This session explores the implications of defining health using the Hebrew concept of shalom. Building on Dr. Nicholas Woltersdorf’s description of shalom as reconciliation with God, self, others and the environment, we will examine the richness it offers in the healthcare professions. We will discuss the spiritual needs common in all people of meaning and purpose, love and belonging, and forgiveness

2018 Conference - Building a Spiritual Care Team in Clinical Care

Walt Larimore; The increasingly stressful healthcare environment limits clinicians’ ability to provide whole-person care that considers the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of those with chronic disabling illness. Spiritual care teams have been shown to help clinicians stay efficient and provide quality spiritual care at the same time in a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient, secular and faith-based care environments. In this seminar, the author of CMDA's popular Grace Prescriptions course will describe an exciting way for Christian health professionals to form teams to provide whole-person care in most any healthcare environment and the capacity to increase the quality of patient care.

2017 CONFERENCE - Patient-Centered Spiritual Care

This interactive workshop will engage participants in an interdisciplinary discussion of patient-centered spiritual care. In an effort to equip health care clinicians to provide effective, patient-centered care in both faith-based and secular contexts, presenters will weave together ethical factors, theological concerns, patient-centered communication strategies, and evidence-based behavior change strategies to construct a conceptual model of spiritual care. Specific emphasis will be placed on Motivational Interviewing and its use in spiritual care conversations. Danielle King