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2016 Conference - You Want Me to Drink From What?

How do we as Christ's disciples avoid letting the "fire hose" drown us during med school and residency while still thriving spiritually? Swimmies Optional. Donald Dickert

2015 Conference - Women on Mission: Finding Balance in Lives of Service and Purpose

Renee Nicholas, MA, RN, with panel. Women with courage to serve in communities with great need face exceptional challenges: cultural differences, professional barriers, marriage or singleness, childbearing. Listen to the panel speak candidly about their sustainable and joyful lives.

2015 Conference - Protecting Spirtual Health from Vicarious Trauma

Daniel Strosky, PsyD candidate and Berry Hulen, PsyD candidate. Working with traumatized patients can have a negative impact on a caregiver's spirituality. This session looks at causes of burnout, irrationality of evil and opening up to God through lament.

2015 Conference - Living Too Close to the Edge

James Brooks, MDiv. Many who are doing the difficult work of serving those in great need are living margin-less lives. This results in high levels of stress that will eventually wear you down, rob you of joy, and turn this amazing calling into just another pressurized job. Building on Christian principles and practices, this workshop will help Christian workers examine ways to create margin in everyday life.

2014 Conference - Sally Schwer Canning

Children and Adolescents Exposed to Violence: Tools for Responding in Primary Care Contexts