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2019 Conference - Doing Medicine, Becoming Community

Liz Redican. This session explores how transparency, confession and humility bring freedom and life by allowing us to rest in God's strength. These are essential for authentic community, where we no longer try to prove ourselves to each other, but rather proclaim God's goodness together. The result is contentment in all aspects of our lives, including our work.

2019 Conference - Relationships, Dating, and Friendships in Peak Years of Training

Andrew and Esther Kim.Maintaining relationships takes time and intentionality, and it’s especially hard when we are in a profession that often demands our time- often both at work and after work. But God did not create us to be by ourselves or to go fumble through this without any guidance - he gave us one another and His Word. Come spend time with us as we explore this topic and learn from one another.

Topics: students