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2018 Conference - Building a Spiritual Care Team in Clinical Care

Walt Larimore; The increasingly stressful healthcare environment limits clinicians’ ability to provide whole-person care that considers the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of those with chronic disabling illness. Spiritual care teams have been shown to help clinicians stay efficient and provide quality spiritual care at the same time in a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient, secular and faith-based care environments. In this seminar, the author of CMDA's popular Grace Prescriptions course will describe an exciting way for Christian health professionals to form teams to provide whole-person care in most any healthcare environment and the capacity to increase the quality of patient care.

2018 Conference - Developing A Healthy Team: 5 Key Behaviors

Steve Sartori; Healthy leadership teams are necessary for any successful healthcare organization. With the evolution of healthcare delivery, clinical teams have gained importance as well. Team performance is a product of competent leadership and member engagement, founded on relational trust. This presentation will describe five behaviors critical for the creation of a cohesive team, and help attendees become better leaders and team members.

2017 Conference - Building a Staff TEAM to Win

The seminar will include real world examples and provide attendee's relevant information they may employ to strengthen their respective clinics. Shawn Powers

2016 Conference - Leading Servanthood

As assistants, nurses, and administrators we are called to service. Learn practical tools for being a blessing to your colleagues in the clinic. Also covers tangible ways for each team member to engage patients in our common spiritual mission. Lance Luttrell

2016 Conference - Leading a Christian FQHC: The Lawndale Way of Embracing Growth, Faith, and Inclusivity

Growth brings in new people, new perspectives, and new challenges to the hope of mission clarity in service to Jesus. This workshop follows Lawndale CHC through seasons of growth over 32 years. Challenges are defined and strategies are offered. Bruce Miller

2014 Conference - Sandra Collazo-Lopez

Effective Spiritual Care as a Team Approach: Spiritual Care is Everyone's Job

2014 Conference - Pam Stanberry

Transitions: Helping Organizations Improve Morale in Times of Change